High Quality Drums - Right in Your Pocket

The Drums

Rapid response pads that do not lag - slide between drums for even faster playing


i love drumming and this app works great and it's fun to build custom set ups. put several small bass drums together and use the slide trigger for heavy metal rapid fire! love it!

rReALl DRUummMeRr

Greatest drum app I've got

Michael A97

This is a fun app. The need to tap your fingers just got cooler.

Angela Olszewski

...This app is great! This is an app that allows you to change up from different drums to choose from for your taste. You can customize your kits and saves the kit. Overall a great app! Deff recomend this app!!


Previously if you deleted a drum or cymbol, the Crash Pad app would "crash". This has been fixed, so I'm changing my rating from 1 star to 5 stars. Thanks! (as a drummer in real life i've found having too many drums distracts from the rhythm).


One of if not the best drums on the iphone. Hav'nt had any problems thus far!!!!!!


The Tools

Modify every aspect of your kit to suit your playing style. These drums are truly yours. Size, shape, sound sample, volume, position, and number of drums are all yours to control.

The Kits

Once you've gotten everything the way you like it, save your kit in your own personal kit library. Make a kit for every occasion - Classic Rock Kit, Jazz Kit, Grunge and Metal, whatever you like.

The Recordings

Record your playing and save the beats to the beat library to be played back whenever you like.

The Settings

Features a top of the line recording tool suite with a metronome and quantizer, Smart Trim, and Count In. Smart Trim clips beats to the measure so that they seamlessly loop, and Count In makes it easier to record in time. All of the settings are independent of the recording, and can be modified even after you finish tapping away.

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